Font color issue in compose windows

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Feb 28, 2007
Portland OR - USA
The background color in the compose windows is now white - with default font color of white as well. Is this a per user setting or is it affecting everyone?
Replying with quotes and no visible text

I'm not seeing my text when posting or replying - as in now when I type so hope it's legible. I can highlight the text to view but...

... and when replying to a post as per usual I'm told that I did not enter enough text for a repply.

You can change the color on the reply - Look for 'A' and click it- it will pull down color choices- hope this helps
tis a WYSIWYG reply issue....

JUST changed the standard font color for that from white to black....should fix it
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if it were black when you post, then none of us could read it.....

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