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Feb 15, 2005
I just posted this at POR, 1988 FJ62 for sale by private owner I'm not sure what he wants for it, I believe around a thousand. It has over 200,000 miles the a/c works and it is located in New Jersey. Anybody interested I can take photos of it. I have 4 Fj40's and my wife will divorce me if I get another Cruiser.
Aug 17, 2005
Yeah. I am interested but only if it is in running order! Could you please have a look at it and lemme know what you think? :cheers:

could you get full pics of the engine and some angles of the undercarriage, frame etc.?

That would help a lot.

as you might have read i am having serious problems with my rig and I need another cheap ride to tide us over or to use as a parts vehicle recipeint or donor.

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