FJ62 - shifts at high rpm

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Sep 3, 2003
Okay kids, what's your theroy?

My FJ shifted smooth at about 2500 rpm's, maybe 3000 into 4th. I had an oil leak and had to get the rear main seal replaced, same time they broke the cooling lines and found a break in a weld on the oil pan so got all that fixed. No leak, seems cool so far.

Then within about a week I got a very significant exhaust problem fixed by replacing the exhaust from from the motor back, however I got it replaced to stock...even the two new cat's, the exhaust guy made sure an replaced the oxygen sensors to the stock location and I didn't change the diameter of the pipes.

Oh, also a new alternater.

So, what's the problem....

Now the truck shifts hard into 3rd and 4th and at 3500 rpm's, runs extremely hot and gets crappy gas milage....What are your thoughts. I'm hoping that in all this work there is a throttle type adjustment that could have gotten messed up.

If you guys know something about that I would appreciate the advise and/or let me know who in the Winchester VA/Harpers Ferry WV area might be a good mechanic to look at this.

Thanks guys...
is the tranny running hot or the engine sounds like they droped the tranny when they changed the seal wonder when they did if they drop the torgue converter also also if the lines as been replaced make sure they are not freaking backwards is there any tranny lights on at the shifter check that out . those trannys are really good bt not when ther hot. i will be back on tomorrow will see what you find out and ya chew out the a****** you broke you cruiser and make them pay for the damage i know we are from west virginia but they sound back woods
Gas mileage could be an O2 sensor issue-did they use factory sensors? If not the wiring could be reversed. I am having similar issues, but think it is because my cats are clogged. It might be time to flush your tranny and replace the filter. I am in the process of doing this.

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