FJ62 rear main seal leak...

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Feb 11, 2004
Big D
OK, i am going to start putting in some time on the rig and one of the issues i want to address is the rear main seal leak. I have replaced the rear main seal in my 60 before and it didn't seem too difficult but i haven't done one on a FJ62. How difficult is it and is there anything else i should address with the tranny removed?


Since you have the transmission apart, might want to do the transmission pump seal at the same time. There is also a shim you will need to get.

Look at the microfiche, you will see all that is needed.

Not too bad. Probably a :banana::banana::banana::banana: job. I would consider adding a light transfer rebuild and a trans output shaft/transfer input shaft gear solution to the list while you are there.
Thanks guys...and greg shoot me a PM when your ready on those stickers.

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