fj62 fuel filter removal - advice needed

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Jan 8, 2005
I have the flare nut wrench, I have the replacement OEM filter and brass gasket things, but for the life of me, the old fuel filter on my FJ62 refuses to budge. The banjo bolt closest to the front of the car seems thoroughly fused to the filter itself. I fear that the PO may have not used the brass fittings at all.... it's an aftermarket filter and it looks fairly old.

Any tips on how to get this banjo bolt removed? Should I just go ahead and order a new banjo bolt in case this one is ripped off in the process? I've soaked it in plenty of anti-seize stuff. Nothing works. There's not a lot of room to work but I'm figuring someone might have a trick to this...

I need to replace mine as well...could you show me pics? I could do the damage and tell you how to fix it?
ballardcruiser said:
Any tips on how to get this banjo bolt removed?...

Wasn't too long ago I helped a friend with this on his '88 FJ62. As I recall, you can use a socket on this (?). It broke loose when persuaded by a long torque wrench.
I changed mine out last week. PB Blaster for about an hour and a hard crank on both banjo bolts. Just make sure you don't torque as hard on the installation.

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