fj62 Diagnostic Code 51

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Mar 13, 2010
I started my fj62 (63k miles) after it had been sitting in the garage all winter and it ran fine for approx. 10 minutes then stalled in my back pasture. I towed it back to the garage, checked the spark and fuel which seemed fine but it will not run. It will start wilt full throtle but will then stall. I got diagnostic code 51 but am not sure what to do now. Any suggestions??

Thanks, I clearly need to drive this more often.
Code 51 suggests throttle position sensor, which seems to match your symptom. Driving it more often may not make a difference with an electronics failure.
Roger that. The TPS is easy to clean out and once you do it, it should idle lower too. At least that's what happened to mine.
I ckecked the resistance through the throtle position sensor and was getting no response on the ohm meter through terminal vc and any of the other terminals. The readings between the other terminals did not correspond with the expected resistances listed in the repair manual. I suppose the the tps is shot??? Any way to repair, or just replace? thanks

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