FJ62 AC belt adjustor???

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Jun 28, 2005
Peoria, AZ
My Alt went bad in my '88 so I decided it was a good time to replace all the belts.

Well, the pulley for adjusting AC belt tension will not lower. It appears to frozen. However, I was able to raise it??? A couple of raps with hammer, still no noticable movement. Chilton's says counter clocker wise is loosen. FSM no help.

Help!! Is there some trick I am missing.

My symptoms of a bad alt were:
brake light on
battery light on
ATP light on
volt gauge down around 10 volts(I know, big red truck)

First, were you able to loosen the locknut in the center of the pulley? I wasn't able to loosen it, even with a special tool for serpentine belts. I was afraid of completely stripping the bolt or breaking it. So, since the bolt for the power steering pump was so accessible, I disconnected the hoses from the PS pump, and the pump swung down low enough to fit the new blet, I mean belt, over the pulleys. Used cheater bar to tension belt and tighten bolt for PS pump.
I missed that one. :doh: I will loosen that lock bolt for the pulley. Hopefully, I did not cause more problems by numerous adjustments to the pulley.

Thanks a bunch.:)

I have found working on these cars it is essential to soak everything in penatrating oil and let sit for 24 hours. 5 minutes doesn't do it.

Have to be patient but bolts and nuts break much more easily. No more stripped nuts and not more stripped knuckles.

Also try to use 6 point sockets on hard to reach bolts, not the 12 point.
One more thing: Have you verified the alt is the problem? The symptoms you describe are also sometimes caused by bad fusible links I believe. A $12 part (or about that).

88 fj62 TLCA
Yep, alt was bad. All belts are on, the AC belt was especially difficult even with adjustment pulley moved down as far a possible. Thanks for the help.:)

Humm? What next. New hoses(sitting in box) Or, front knuckle rebuild(bearings and seals neatly sitting on bench).

The leaks from the rear main, t-case and rear third member will have the wait.
i made mistake tried adjusting pully lower left side . i didnt no about center nut and it was night time i snaped adjuster bolt

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