FJ60 Shaking ???

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Mar 12, 2006
I just bought an 85 FJ60. I notice that when I let go of the gas, the wagon starts to shake. However, I get most of the shaking in the back area. I am not a mechanic but I wanted some ideas so I won't sound like a total idiot. I figure this way if I sounded like I knew what the problem might be they won't take advantage of me. Thanks!
check your driveline for play back there. there shouldnt be any. if there is any at the diff you could need to rebuild but might jst have to tighten up the stake nut.
i would check this very soon
What he said^^^ or maybe a bad ujoint. Definitely make sure the all the bolts are tight on the drivline! I had someone loosening mine from the tranny side for a while on my yota. I could tell after the first time within 100 ft with how bad it would shake.

Could be other things too but start with those. Oh and I know it sounds stupid but make sure all your lug nuts are tight for me :)
You need to crawl under the truck to check a few simple things.

Driveshaft bolts - 14mm I think. 4 per end. These can come loose. Don't have FSM handy, but ~55ft lbs seems right.

U-joints. Driveshaft bolts connect to these. Grab the shaft and try to move it up/down and left/right. Should be NO play. If play, look carefully to see if it's in the u-joint, or in the pinion bearing (where the driveshaft goes into the differential in the rear axle.)

And as posted above, it's always good to check simple things like the lug nuts!

Post back after doingt these with the results, and we can help further if needed.
Good ideas above. A couple of years back I had weird driveline vibration for months and months. Ended up being a bad u-joint that was really hard to track down. If you don't want to do the work yourself, check with your local LandCruiser club and find out what driveline shop in your area knows 4x4's. They will have a cool lift that allows them to bring your truck to highway speeds while they stand under the truck and find the vibation.

Turns out on my truck the Toyota factory u-joints were giving all the problems. I almost always use Toyota parts, and the drivline shop had great things to say about Toyota u-joints when I brought them for install.... I have had spicer joints for about a year now with absoutly no problems.

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