FJ60 seat mounting angle?

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May 27, 2002

I have some FJ60 front seats (2.5 split) fitted to my FJ40. I am in the process of re-mounting them by fabbing up a new frame - the original frame is beyond repair. Could some kind soul please measure the angle of the slider rail with respect to horizontal in a stock FJ60?

My seats were previously leaning 2 deg back as per stock FJ40, but I found I was always sliding forward in the seat.


Hey Ben, this may not help much but I measured out 10 in. on the slider and measured off a level. I got 3/8 in. rise on the 10 in.. Where's a right angle when ya need one? Damn I hate not having the right tools!
Thanks NorCal. I am just after a ballpark, so that should be OK.

Works out to be near enough to 2 degrees anyway.
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