Wanted FJ40

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United States
WTB fj40 land cruiser. Cheaper the better. Not scared of rust. Doesn't need to be complete or original. Prefer not to ship. Can drive a reasonable distance (~500 miles) from Raleigh NC to retrieve.

PS don't offer me something you care about being severely molested :D
I’ve got a 78 that I bought as a project vehicle but never had time to mess with it. It has a 454 and super heavy duty sm420 tranny. Just let me know if you have any interest. I’m in south Louisiana.




Wow. Tons of messages so far!

I'm shooting for 5k or below. @Swannie - interested for sure if you're in my price range. PM me if so.
Also - doesn't need drivetrain or axles. Does need frame, tub, cowl, windshield frame, hood, aprons, bib. Fenders or fender liners a plus.

Title a plus but not required (can do bonded title here in NC).

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