FJ40 Progress

Jun 13, 2007
Carson City, Nevada
Fabricated motor mounts to frame mounts for the 292, 6"x1/4" plate and 3/4"x7/16" tube to make Saginaw PS mounts, relocated a crossmember, added 14 bolt FF rear axle and disc brake brackets as well as welded new spring pads and shock mounts to, fabricated T-case mount for TH400/NP205 combo plus 4" soft ride lift. Welded 4"x1/4" flat stock to the rear and made new mounting plates for the rear spring hangers. Waiting for a few parts at the machine shop to weld the Dana 44 back together after narrowing it (laying on the floor in 2 pieces). I'll use the machined tube to center the axle halves together to keep it true to weld and then truss it. I have 6 lug adapter hubs for the 14 bolt that move the wheel track width in 4-1/2" which is exactly how much I removed from the front axle so I could utilize the factory spring pads on the D44. The front axle is off a 1975 K10 Chevy with 1/2" tube. I bought later model front spindles and hubs that use the larger inner bearing (1976-on). The rear discs use the same rotors, pads and calipers as the front. I have the have the hub pilot on the rotors machined 1/4" out fit the adapter hubs. Then The axle flanges turned down so the 6 lug wheel will fit over them. I still have to order the parking brake (disc) that mounts on the yoke of the transfer case. Its a long ways from done but I'm making progress.

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