Wanted FJ40 in NC

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United States
Im a pretty new in looking for my first FJ/ BJ40...Im not ruling out any particular year model - but here's a preliminary list of what I do know...I know Im expecting a lot - but I dont want to get in over my head with my FIRST one ;)

Superficial rust only..
No rhino lined or carpeted tubs
Massive bondo jobs with a slick paint job will not be considered..

PREFER original engine working (this would be a case by case basis decision...)

PM and Ill give you an email..I need pics of the engine, tranny undercarriage and tub.

Id also prefer for it to be within 400 miles of Jacksonville NC...(thats where I live)
(But if youre sure its a pretty sweet deal..send the FJ's location and pics anyway!!)

I would most definitely consider an FJ that has already been restored..give me all your details...if youre on the Mud Forum...you know 'em by heart!! Id rather have too much info than not enough -

I realize Im probably not hitting details that I should...definitely a noob - feel free to help me clarify what I should be asking about if Im too vague..

And lastly - know that I will love the hell out of your baby and keep you posted on 'her'!..
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Id have to say no more than 7k...depends on the overall condition..

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