FJ40 in Central CA, No smog, vintage

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1968 FJ40 Land Cruiser For Sale

I purchased this from a relative of the first owner back in 2001. It was about as authentic as you could get, no rust, no smog, no lift, the original paper fuel filter in the bowl, OEM tires and innertubes, you name it. The last time it had been driven on a somewhat regular basis was in 1993. I was told it was driven in the mountains up around Big Bear and that was about it. The odometer had frozen, I had guessed from some old sticky grease. It had around 25K on the clock. It was a 100% SoCal Land Cruiser. The younger relative had it repainted because he stated the original red had faded beyond what polish could do. He also had a friend that gave him a great deal on the paint job. I trailered it to Rosewll, New Mexico. It was there for about a year and half then came back to California. During the 7 and a half years I have had it I have done the following.

Refurbished it to road-worthy-ness. It is very reliable. This included new brake cylinders, new brake pads, rebuilt master cylinder, rebuilt emergency brake, engine gaskets throughout noteably, the oil pan gasket, and the rear main, remote oil filter, carburetor work, head gasket, rebuild steering gearbox, new tie rod ends, steering dampner, blinkers, brake lights, backup light, replaced the windshield seal, and new cowl vent drain hoses, plastic fan, new water pump, new radiator, speedi-sleeve on front pully, new window felt on driver’s side window, new gas cap, new exhaust from the manifold back, and windshield washers. The windshield washers were important because I needed to be able to use the ice melting washer fluid while in New Mexico. The heater and defroster now work really good, particularly with new ducts.

Then came some of the improvements but with a goal to keep the Toyota theme going as much as possible. I installed a lift kit and 33x10.5 BFG Muds (spare is never been on pavement), MSD Ingnition module, wires, and coil, dual battery (red and yellow Optimas), 1994 Tacoma seats, Warn XD9000i winch, 4 Plus front bumper, tow bar with wiring to run turn signals, Weber 38/38 with stock air cleaner, pneumatic struts in stock rear liftgate arms, a Tsunami air compressor, and of course and Orion transfer case. This Orion is fully operation with stock linkage and while removed, I installed a heavy duty clutch disc from SOR. It was a major headache for me to get this going. I had to have two custom thrust washers made before it would stay in gear. This was prior to Advanced adapters admitting they had run into issues on this case and started providing thrust washers in the kit. I also modified the shift rail so the divots would hold the shift ball better. The gearing is simply awesome on the trail. I’ve also covered every conceivable spot on the underbody and chassis with a product from Cool Cruisers called Zero Rust.

Other mentionable items are fine splines in the rear diff, the larger volume intake manifold, I have checked the MPG alfter leaning out the Webber and I got 13.8 mpg. This was ½ in town driving and ½ highway driving on a full tank, hourmeter (in the last two and a half years I’ve driven it 190 hours or approximately 12K miles), gear reduction starter, waterproof seven circuit fuse block. The fuel guage, temp, ammeter and speedometer work just fine. Windshield wipers work too. It has a cobra CB on a SOR overhead shelf and a Patriotic Firestic Antenna.

I have the original license plates and some old registration paperwork. So, it would be worth looking into the CA DMV to see if the vintage plates can be reused.

I do all my own maintenance because I don’t trust anyone with this old of a rig. The oil has been changed every 50 hrs, the diffs, tranny, and transfer were done last summer, tires are at least 75% with the spare being 100%.

A few oddball things to mention are that is has about a drop of oil a day from a leak I cannot find around what would appear to be the rear main. However, it’s not the rear main because I’ve replaced it twice. I’ve never touched the fuel pump but it works fine. The paint peeled a bit and bubbled by the gas cap. I painted over it with a like paint so that it would not rust. I also repainted the rear drivers side quarter panel since I have owned it. I had some scratches and I thought I’d make it right. The dashboard has about five cracks.

I’m selling it because I’ve purchased a really nice ’88 FJ62 and all my kids won’t fit in the 40. I also have several spare parts that come with the purchase from random gaskets to Weber parts, and extra lug nuts.

I’m asking $9,500 and it’s located in Madera, CA. You can email me at or send me a “pm”. Thanks for the interest and Happy Easter.
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VERY nice can't believe it's not gone yet. What size lift do you have?

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