For Sale FJ40 frame brackets and....stuff SO.CAL.

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Nov 27, 2008
South Oarnge Curtain
United States
I have a bunch of stuff that has come off of my fj40 build.
gas peddle $5
under dash 4x shift linkage and lever $20
rear drum backing plates and slaves $25
fan shroud / under rad. tin $35
running boards and brackets $35
trans case vacu shft pod $35
vacu shift lines ....valve? $10
e-brake pull. $25
high beam floor switch $5
leaf spring hangers, slight damaged when removed $35
engine mounts $20
how about $150 for all. shipping will be from 92653. you can email me @ or pm me

It would be a good sized box ~ 50 lbs. I haven’t weighed anything so these are guesses.
cruiser parts for sale 013.jpg

cruiser parts for sale 012.jpg

cruiser parts for sale 002.jpg
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Good deal !!!
$pring mounts? $$??
they are slightly damaged on the back side, didn't think to take a photo, I believe they would need to be welded up. Just a straight bead. I can do it if you like. How's $35 plus shipping.
Just added prices for everything, send me ANY offer that will cover my time for the shipping and handeling. I don't want to bin this stuff.
I would like the running boards please. I, too, am in the OC and can pick up.

Would you happen to have a glass bowl style fuel filter with bracket ??? Its not listed but wondering if youve got one laying around $
PM sent re: vacuum shift parts and shackle hangers.
Hey guys I also have an early model fj40 front heater (condition unknown, got two with the cruiser). hows $50 bucks. Also, I've tripped over this stuff too many times, it's in the bin on thursday. Anybody can come by and pick it up but I won't be shipping it for nothing.

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