FJ40 Engine and transmissions

Nov 11, 2019
Texas, Is there anyplace else??
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Jag666, last math I remember reading was that the 6 cylinder put out about 220 ft. lbs @ 2200 rpm, and a sbc 350 put out about 240 ft. lbs. @2000 rpm, but I'm too old/retired to do the research again.
Don't blame you.. Given ALL the variations in the "billions and billions" (apologies to the late Carl Sagan) of Chevy engines built, one could spend years with HP and Torque Specs, "mixing and matching" until the end result was whatever one wanted it to be..
Fact is, THAT was one of the main reasons I opted to fit the Caddy V-8 into my FJ40.... no confusing and contradictory specs to deal with! Bottom Line.. I made what worked for me.. and did for twenty+ years and over 300K miles without issue.
Charles 1974 FJ40.

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