FJ40- Anybody recognize it?

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Feb 19, 2008
Came home from work and this FJ was sitting on side of road in front of a home at entrance to my neighborhood. So I stopped and snapped pic with camera phone and put a card on dash. Both wiper arms were missing so was guessing during the hell of a downpour and storm we had this morning he bailed and rode with someone else.

Looked in good shape...some work has been done. Top was rust on body I could see....inside was slightly modified...big red ball on shift lever. IT was a driver not a show vehicle but still looked clean.

This is for sale on Craigslist for $5K
it looked pretty damn good. It had no wiper arms or blades and this was day it POURED RAIN for a couple hours so not sure if it died and was ditched there or if they could not see and with rain decided to un ass the thing for drier vehicle or home. Light rust....pretty is in good shape....appeared to be a solid vehicle.
I think its hideous....It makes me cringe....maybe someone can unmuck it if they buy it.....OK maybe just the rims, gauge cluster, steering wheel, shifter knob, and emblems....then it might be ok....
didnt say it was accurate or a resto....but a solid rig for trail riding or working on. LOL Dont get so wound up jim...LOL but you forgot that the bezel is upside down. LOL hahahahaha
You havent seen wound up yet.....Maybe you should buy it so you'll have a "real" land

I wasnt commenting on your assessment of it anyway......Just that I didnt like those particular things....I'm not part of the bezel police either....
Thats for those with nothing else to do.....glad you caught it....
LOL....yeah I got told I didnt have a real Land Cruiser by a couple of MY FRIENDS at the meeting on Saturday....and even called it a GIRLS CRUISER......and to add insult BBQBoys Sister said it was CUTE! I am crushed.... :D :D

I still like the 60 series Land Cruisers better than all the rest...

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