fj40-10/72, 1973 fj40, titled, current plates

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Feb 14, 2009
Portland, Oregon
United States
Refined listing...and increased price.
Here is the scoop. I have a project vehicle that needs a home. It is disassembled, completely. NOT together. The PILE is titled and has a set of current plates with current tabs. There is a 3FE (fj62-88) engine that is pickled that goes with the PILE OF fj40 PARTS, loosly construed by title and plates to be a vehicle. Engine is on a roll cart with covering. There is NO TRANSFER, but there is a tranny although I have no earthly idea what it is or what it goes to. THERE ARE NO DRIVE LINES. Front axles have disc brakes, and new Warn Hubs. Frame has power steering gear box. Tub is in reasonable shape, some minor rust, and some minor repairs are done. THERE ARE NO FENDORS (even though they are in the picture). I need all this to go away. as soon as possible. There are two fibreglass tops, one is drilled but I never got to put it on, the other is used, but in very good shape. There are NO SOFT TOP PARTS (although there are some in the picture). There are two fj40 radiators, there are door frames, but no lower panels. there is glass, lots of it, corner windows, side windows, and more. Pictured Rancho springs on the front axle/frame are NOT INCLUDED. Some other miscelanous parts. Well within the $50 per item average, so at least 40 parts/assemblies. The longer you wait, the more i'll ask and the more I'll have time to remove and take away from the purchase.

You WILL need a trailor to get all this home.

Price. $2100. No negoiating, dont even try. No particials, dont even ask. All for $2100, or nothing.
consider this sold.

DRVector has purchased.

Thanks everyone looking.

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