FJ Sleeping Deck

Apr 11, 2018
Reno, NV
First post. My friend Brian Waag ( Brian Waag ) suggested the forum to me. Sharing my build for a folding & sliding sleeping platform.

I sat in the back of the FJ one saturday with a folding ruler and a notebook to make the drawings. With a single trip to home depot all that was left over was ~6 board feet and a few scraps of plywood.
The seat benches have to come out for the head rest to fully extend but the vertical supports are cut such that they sit flush with the seat backs when they are locked back during normal use. When the deck is folded up in the back, the head rest slides out to make a table. When its down, push the front seats forward and slide it out for a foot/head rest. Sleeps two full length on a foam pad.
The only down side is the vertical supports limit storage space. But they also act as dividers so you can set backpacks or totes in between them so they dont slide around. The assembly hooks to the floor D rings with a turn buckle. The corner fillets clear the headliner by less than a half inch when folding, this was a bit tricky to cut. I used a cardboard template which I had fitted to the headliner and measured back from the hinge point to the center of the roof to place the template. still took two cuts.

After talking with Brian about the setup he has in his land rover, the next addition will be sliding drawers below it.




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