FJ Cruiser parts....brand new

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Aug 2, 2006
We ordered in some parts for a vehicle on the lot here at work. The customer backed out at the last second so now I'm looking to unload these things at what I've got in them. Parts that I've got:

OME lift: full front and rear kit with shocks and springs on both ends.

Gobi USA roof rack: Gobi Stealth (low profile) roof rack, 2 sets of low profile lights for the front, one set of low profile lights for the back, and their FJ ladder for the rear of the vehicle as well. This rack bolts into the stock mounting location on the vehicle.

Anyway, we got this stuff at well below MSRP so I'll be looking to sell it off at what we've got into it. It's all brand new and still in the boxes that it came shipped in. I'll be glad to show you the invoices. Please get ahold of me at one of the following:

(314) 351-3000 (work...just ask for Josh in parts.
three one four, three two three, two eight nine seven (my cell phone)

Not many FJ Cruisers on this side of the state in Mud. Try the KC side They have many. You may also wan to try Craigslist or Ebay.
I've actually gotten a few responses from here, believe it or not. I thought about that when I posted it on here but people are finding it somehow. Yeah, I'm gonna wait a few days before I try Craigslist. There's vultures on there that typically end up just being full of questions and lacking on money. I've gotten quite a few hits from the FJC forums, as well as Midwest Jeep Thing. I have a potential buyer right now. Hopefully he'll come through and get this stuff out of my way.

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