FJ-60 to 1968 FJ-40 brake swap w/dual circut master.Help needed

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Jul 10, 2006
North Pole, AK
Hi guys,
First things first. I am swapping front disc brakes from a FJ-60 to a 1968 FJ-40. I am also going to be swapping out the single circuit master cylinder for a dual circuit. I'll also be running new brake lines.

I have a pretty good handle on the disc swap portion of the build from numerous threads here on MUD.:cheers: However, I am still trying to figure out what dual circuit master to run.

Being that this a 1968 FJ40, It is hard to work around the dang rib, and I also swapped in a 2F with a stock carb, so running the 1978 FJ-40 Master/Booster I purchased for the swap is out. I have no problem cutting the rib, and I have no problem running a boosterless master as long as everything works, but is there another alternative?
What are you guys running for a Master/ booster combo that works with a similar setup?

i used a mini truck booster and master on mine had to cut the brace .it stops with a light pedal touch and has worked for many years
i used a mini truck booster and master on mine had to cut the brace .it stops with a light pedal touch and has worked for many years

Good to hear! Any idea what year mini truck it came out of? 4wd or 2wd? Pics would be great as well!

I also used a mini truck booster on my 68 and built an adapter to just clear the rib. The fire wall end had the 3 bolt triangle pattern, tubing that fit inside the 3bolt pattern just long enough to clear the rib and then another piece of plate welded to that with the 4 bolt mini truck booster pattern. I had to extend the pushrod coming off of the brake pedal, sourced some metric all thread and used a coupler to the stock pushrod with locktight and jamb nuts. Don't forget that the rear circuit is the front line on the single reservoir masters. Worked very well didn't use a porportioning valve either. Had mini truck knuckles, fj60 rotors and IFS truck dual piston calipers with stock rear brakes. Had to cut the rear line and reflare with newer end as the older cruisers had a unique size and pitch to the brake lines that I could'nt find anywhere.
I am not sure but I would guess yes it would work, I used one from I think 80-83ish. I think the newer ones have the level sensor in them to turn on the brake light when the fluid is low, that would be cool.

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