FJ 60 or 62

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Feb 21, 2006
OK, so I currently drive a KIA Sorento. I've done more things to it and more places that most would think. But alas, it is a IFS setup, offroad parts are limited to none, and the famous KIA 'warranty' doesn't apply to those that actualy engage 4wd. So now, it appears the front axle has broken (again), and KIA is quoting over 3 grand to fix it.

So, I am thinking of getting an older, reliable, SUV. I need the room for the family, camping, etc.. I'm in Arizona, and there are alot of very rugged trails. Jeep is the state vehicle, it seems, and a cherokee would be the cheap option, and believe me, I've seen beat up old cherokees climb mountains! Jeeps break alot, but parts are a dime a dozen!

Since this would be part daily driver, part offroad machine, I was thinking the EFI engine would be better. Also, out here, 33's are a min for many trails, so I'd probably want 35's, and a good crawl ratio, along with front and rear lockers.

One 'thing' that concerns me a bit on the LC is the amount of rear overhang. We do alot of severe departure angle stuff out here!

So, what series of cruiser should I look for? What should I be looking for in a cruiser. One advantage, my off road buddy is a toyota mechanic, so he knows everything about the cruiser, can get parts cheap, and do labor cheap as well.

Any possiblity of getting the diesel in the US? That would be nice.

look into 80s with factory lockers as well. Probably the best on-road/off-road performer out of the box. But any 60/62 will go farther than that kia will.

diesel was never offered in the US from factory, but some you can import and swaps are possible. i have diesel 60, and love it. There is a lot of info in the diesel tech forum, run a search.
If you need something more family friendly look into an 80. You should be able to find one for what a well equipped Scarokee goes for. If you can find one with the factory lockers, it will take you where no J@@p will go unmodified.

If you want FI, but not an 80, youll need to look for a 62, or import a BJ60 with a diesel.

Get your buddy to keep an eye out for a LC for you, you wont be disappointed with whatever Landcruiser you get.

Sounds like to me you would like a FJ80. Get a nice stock one with dual lockers someone has taken care of and put a OME lift and bigger tires, gears, and a ARB w/ winch and will take you anywhere you want to go plus comfy on the highway.
Any cruiser wagon can meet the needs you describe with some suspension mods to accomidate 35's and body armor to protect it (especially the rear overhang). Just depends on your budget and model preference. Try to drive a 60 series and an 80 series. Read some of the posts on both sections re popular mods, especially in the sticky posts. Also, go to a few aftermarket vendors to check out prices on mods you might want/need. Take your time to find the truck that makes sense for your needs.
An eighty????? What a bunch of p*ssies! He wants a family wagon to wheel in, not something for the mall! Try to camp in an 80....methinks not. 6/62 much more versatile...(This oughta get em screamin!)
Pig Good

FJ60. Though honestly you might look into an 80. I think you should test drive a few, hang-out on the bord for a while and get a feel for what each vehicle is capable of. Then make your best judgement.

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