FJ 40 Wanted for Immiediate Sale!

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United States
FJ 40 Wanted ASAP!!!

I am looking for an FJ 40 that runs and looks fairly good but may need some work. I live in Eastern NC, but can travel and would need to drive it home, as I don't have a trailer. I don't have a color preference but I need to stay under 5k. Anyone need to quickly sell theirs?

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78 landcruiser fj40

We have a 78 fj40 we would like to sell sooner than later and is great running shape, but not the prettiest. It's in CO and is currently posted on craigslist.

click to see 78 Landcruiser

please call to get more details
The Butti's
There are some 40's around Raleigh/Durham. Check the Raleigh craigslist.

Happy hunting.
CO is a little too far for me to get to now, but thanks very much for the information!
find some brake lines and a voltage reg. and you can drive mine. Or if you decide to buy it and we come to an agreement I will have it driveable for you.

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