FJ 40 for sale (parts FJ40) on affiliation

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Nov 14, 2006
Harrisburg, NC
Surfing craigslist and stumbled across this..I talked to the guy, Mike, really nice fella...said he has another 74FJ40 that he'd let go for 7K I think...the one on this post is a wrecked one that he bought for parts...worth a shout if anyone is interested..I told him I would post on MUD...R

Toyota PARTS LandCruiser ****REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE****
Yeah but I think he was posting the link so people could ask about the other one that he has for sale.
He will never get $2500 for that any way.
"I have another 1974 Toyota L/C that is in Excellent condition with wench. Same Red color and options."

Me thinks my wife wouldn't be happy if I tried to include her in the sale.... ;)

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