For Sale Fireguys Well Built Low Mile 80!

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Fireguys Well Built Low Mile 80! Factory Lockers!

I need to something with a V8 for towing a boat and trailer so I'm looking at a 4Runner or 100. This has been a great cruiser, we have owned it about four years. It has the factory lockers. 3rd owner, only 117,000 miles on it. It has ZERO rust on the undercarriage, super clean vehicle from CA. Runs excellently. All maintenance and tuning has been done my Brett (Damaged110 screenname ) who is a Toyota Master tech and 80 owner. Fires right up and idles perfectly. Everything works except the antenna. The AC blows extremely cold and doesn't cut out. Truck runs very cool, I've never got it above 210 and I wheel all summer long in Vegas. Leather is in good condition. Driver's seat has the usual cracking and wear but no rips. All other seats including the third row are in excellent condition. Zero leaks and it does not burn oil. I've done just about everything you can do to a 80 in terms of preventative maintenance - mainly because this was used to haul my family so I did want to take any chances. The front and rear axles have been completely rebuilt. Everything was replaced. Here is a build thread I started BIG TONKA! AKA Fireguy's FZJ 80 build. - Expedition Portal


-Pesky heater hose replaced with unit from index
-Radiator hoses replaced as a precaution.
-New Toyota thermostat.
-New Toyota Starter.
-Replaced the EGR valve.
-New Toyota spark plugs and wires.
-Toyota spark plugs.
-OEM dist cap.
-OEM blue fan clutch.
-OEM air filter.
-New Toyota brake pads front and rear.
-Slotted, cyrogenically treated front brake rotors from
-Flushed old brake fluid out with new synthetic brake fluid.
-Flushed tranny, replaced fluid with OEM trany fluid.
-Mobil 1 in the diffs, and transfer case.
-Flushed power steering fluid.
-Rebuild front and rear axles with all new OEM bearings and seals, etc - everything was replaced.
-All u joints get lubed every 3,000 miles.
-Rottella conventional oil 15w-40.
-Plenty of washes and waxing.
-Removed factory roof rack and filled holes with silicon and plugs.
-Radiator flush with Toyota Red coolant.


-Complete Slee 4" lift with Slee Front Lower Control arms with factory bushings.
-Radflow 2.5" remote reservoir shocks front and rear.
-Landtank Heavy Duty Lower rear control arms.
-Slee E-locker Skid Plate
-Slee A/C dryer skid plate.
-Metal Tech sliders.
-ARB front bumper.
-Warn VR 12000 winch with Viking synthetic winch line.
-4x4 labs rear bumper with dual swing outs, tire carrier, 3 jerry can holder and hi lift mount.
-Ipor skid plate (not installed)
-New Safari Snorkel still in box.
-Marks 4WD Yellow speedo correction box - not installed yet.
-Baja Rack with dual jerry can holder and awning mounts.
-Sears Die Hard Group 31 marine deep cycle battery.
-5.29 gearing.
-Custom from DC driveshaft with Toyota U joints.
-Al's liner in Tan on lower panels.
-315/75/16 Toyo MT's with less than 2,000 miles on them, basically brand new.

-Spare front and rear OEM driveshafts.
-Spare steering box.
-Extra coolant hoses.
-OEM panhards and control arms, bushings in excellent like new condition.
-Spare battery box for dual battery.
-Original starter with rebuild kit.

Between the maintenance, low miles, mods, and spares you have one kick *** 80. I spent a lot of time, energy and money on building what I feel is one of the nicest low mile 80's around. Everyone who sees it loves the two tone and says it is a great rig. Low mile 80's that are well taken care of are getting damn hard to find. I'd have no issues at all jumping in it tomorrow and driving to South America.

$17,000. Only trades I'd consider would be a 100 or a V8 4Runner.

I'll get more interior pics tomorrow. Most of these pics are cell phone pics, need to get my good camera back from a friend. Phone 702-845-5207 is best next to PM's. Scot.

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Dang man, I have always liked your truck. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!
Thanks man! I made the mistake of letting the wife drive it while her Prius was in the shop. Now she doesn't want to drive the Prius anymore, prefers driving the cruiser!
Getting a lot of PMs. I have a clean title in hand. I am willing to ship but payment for shipping is on you. There are zero leaks.
Very nice cruiser!
I assume the roof rack is included but the tent is not?

Original head gasket?
Very nice cruiser!
I assume the roof rack is included but the tent is not?

Original head gasket?

Correct. Roof rack included. Head gasket is original and shows no signs of letting go. Had the oil analysis done and no coolant in oil. Coolant system is in excellent shape, radiator flushed each year with Toyota Red along with new Toyota thermostat last year. Even idling in traffic in the summer here in Vegas with A/C blasting temps never go above 205.
Currently sold pending funds. Just had a buyer st they are buying plane tickets to come get it weds.
SOLD! A fellow mudder from Texas just picked her up and is on his way home. Very sad to see here go. Time to find a 100!

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