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FF Big Drum brake stuff , tail light lenses.

Discussion in 'FJ45 Classifieds Corner' started by seapotato, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. seapotato


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    Jan 16, 2005
    Lacus Oblivionis
    I did a disc brake swap to the front of my 45 last weekend, and discovered a lot of new parts in there, these are the big drums which I'm pretty sure are the same as the rear full floater drums. came off a 77 canadian 45 lpb.
    shoes haven't even been driven on, as the trucks been in the garage ever since I bought it...

    new shoes, couple new wheel cylinders, pretty new looking drums, if anyone needs this stuff let me know. I don't have a clue what this stuff is worth new, and some of it would be heavy as hell to ship, but if you need it shoot me a Pm...

    also have a pair of foxfabs repro taillight lenses, the red/red ones, I decided to go with the newer style signals and pots instead , not because there's anything wrong with these lenses, they are very very nice....so I'll sell em for what I paid for them. $69.95 (LENSES ONLY !)
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  2. Bear

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    Nov 2, 2005
    Big bazookas

    PMd ya 'bout brake stuff. MS