Fender trimming

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Jul 8, 2005
New Kent, VA
Ive got a little bit of rubbing in the front fender of my 62, and i was wondering how you guys have trimmed them so it ended up at least a little sano looking. My truck rubs on the outside front lip (where the inner wheelwell and outer fender meet) and a little in the middle of the front. I was thinking about cutting across like an inch or two off of the bottom of the inner fenderwell and the front tip of the outer fender, and putting some kinda of rubber to fill the space, so that when i the tire hits it it will just move out of the way but still keep crap from shooting up into my engine bay (everything under the hood is brown from dirty ass water rushing over it from water crossings). Ill post some pics of where im rubbing if i can get use of my girls camera. If you guys have any pics or advice on how to trim id love to hear it.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a bigger lift!:D

The lift is brand new, i wish i had money to blow on my rig. Really though it only rubs the slightest bit and it can easily be trimmed back. I was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion about how to go about it so it doesnt look like a hack job. Once i trim a little sheetmetal everything will tuck perfect and i can really see what my rig can do.
Hey agent orange,
I was just messin with ya bout the lift. I too could spend a butt load of dough on my rig, but I just cant right now.
I dont know too much about fender trimming, but Ive seen quite a few of em. If your tires are rubbing slightly, you could alway measure an inch around the outside and carefully trace the line and cut away. One thing Ive see folks do is put aftermarket fender flares on to hide the rough cuts and they also look pretty good when there on.
Ive also seen some guy square off their fender wells when doing their cuts, so youre not tryint to cut a radius with a saw zall...

Just the way I would figure it.

Yeah, ive seen that thread before, peepers truck has almost the same setup as mine so it was a good read. Ive got a pretty good idea how im going to cut it, my biggest issue is how to trim the fender sufficiently and still make the inner fender look right / cover what its supposed to. Yeah, a little trimming and my 34s will tuck really nice, i flexed it pretty well last weekend and the rear tucked realllly nice, just filled up the wheelwell. I think part of a lot of the trouble people have with rubbing in the rear is a 12.50 tire on an eight inch rim, ive got ten inchers on mine and i think it changes the profile of the tire enough that it is more short and squat at the shoulders and misses the frame.

just trimmed my 60 up....start from the bottom and cut a triangle out with a die ginder...leaving the innerfender well still attached...pound it together and tack weld every inch up the seam...keep tack welding every inch until the seam is filled....grind....prime ...paint...i did this to mine in an afternoon and got a little more clearance...but i need to do more...i was also in a hurry to get ready for a run so i used rattle cans and a mismatch color and you can hardly tell, except teh different color blue...i will try and post some pix
I finished mine last weekend, im gonna put up some pictures when i go home to do some more work this weekend. I figured out how much of the outer fender i wanted to trim and made a tape line down to the leading edge of the fender where it meets up to the front valance and trimmed along that curve leaving about a half inch the whole way. I then bent that extra half inch back so i didnt have an ugly straight cut, and then used my hammer and dolly to work it so it was a nice smooth radius. I cut out part of the inner fender too, i could see spots where the undercoating was getting rubbed off by the tire. Its a little ugly looking but i think im gonna put a peice of rubber in the place of the excised metal to finish it up a little bit. Ill put some pics up this weekend, im gonna do a writeup of my 4runner brake swap while im at it.
here is a few shots...woops there backwards
That looks good, mine doesnt follow the body lines as well, i didnt want to have to mess with having to make the fenderwell meet up with the fender again. I just cut off the bottom corner, it looks fine and took care of my rubbing problem.
I can try and take a couple with my cell camera, but i dont have a digi right now. Ill take a couple and see how they look. Ive flexed it out since then, i need to do a little clearancing of the inner well with a BFH but otherwise its good.

Heres one that kinda shows it. It looks cleaner with the inside of the cut area sprayed black like it is now.


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