Fender flares/back spacing

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Mar 6, 2007

In Norway the police will give you a big ticket if your wheels is outside the fenders.
On my '45 I wan't too have 33X12.5X15, on 8X15 steelies. I have 4 alu 10X15 but I think the problem will bee worse whit them????
( The truck has not arrived yet, so I can't check it)
And, what back spacing on the rims???
Is there some fender flares too use on the '45?

Here are some pics stolen on the net, I hope you understand what I mean?

Must say one thing; I like the look when the wheels is outside the fenders, and I'm worried about the look of fenderflares on the pic up bed............:ban:
Maybe you have some pic's?????

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