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Sep 15, 2005
Forest Lake, MN
United States
I have a 1975 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser that I bought a few years ago as a project. I have the rig almost completely done with what I wanted to do with it. So I thought I would post it up to see if I got any interest in it. This rig is very capable of all around 4x4, or you coud do some minor to some intermediate rockcrawling.

Here is a list of items that have been put on the rig in the last year along with other items the rig has outside of the factory stuff that it came with originally.

- 78 Chevy 350 w/ TH350 adapted to a stock 4speed T-case
- Full cage
- 4PLUS Heavy Duty Rear Swing Away Tire/Cooler Carrier Tow Bumper
- Safari Roof Rack
- SOA (Spring Over Axle)
- Locked in the rear with an aussie locker
- Locked in the front with an ARB locker
- 5.29 R&P
- 30 spline chromoly super set
- Saginaw power steering (modded for more flow)
- 38.5x16x15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws (the tires measure out to be 39.5x17)
- 4x4 labs Hi Steer with 1 ton drag link and tie rod along with 1 ton tie rod ends.
- 4 wheel disc brakes
- drivelinetech drivelines
- 101" Wheel Base

Interior add ons
- 240sx Seats
- Rear Bench seat
- aftermarket gauge cluster and gauges
- still has the OEM rear heater
- speaker that just need a stereo installed

I also have a stinger and nose gaurd... They are from MetalTech4x4 in Newberg. They are not installed right now because I cant seem to get my welder running after I moved shops. I can get this done if someone doesnt have the supplies to this on there own.

The Bad:
Needs shocks, I never got them for the rig since its strictly off road and I rather spend my money in to something else on the rig.
Stinger and nose gaurd needed to be installed.
ARB is not hooked up. Never got the compressor from ARB because I wanted to do a custom set-up that I never got to. I have some of the stuff for the set-up but I would recommend just gettin the ARB compressor to make it easy.
Currently cant get the rig to run propper when at high inclines, I feel this is the biggest issue. If it was a perfect world I would probably get a new intake manifold and carb, however if you are skilled in Chevy motors then you should be able to get it running.

Im sure there are a few things here and they that I have not put on the list. Like I said though the Rig is not 100% done but wouldnt take much to get it to be there.:cheers:

Looking around the 7500 range but thats just a feeler price!
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