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Sep 8, 2005
Colorado Springs CO
The next meeting of CLC will be Tuesday 17 February 2009 7:00 PM at Liberty Toyota North.

The pre meeting will be at the same location, but start at 6:00 PM and hammer out the schedule for the year.

The schedule will be voted on at the meeting.

Also up for discussion at the meeting will be wording for Bylaw changes.

A complete upto date version of the Bylaws are on the coloradolandcruisers.org website

The excerpts of existing verbage in the Bylaws are presented and the proposed changes are in italics in the following paragraphs.

Bylaws sections
Addition to Article VII (A)
A. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director at Large, and Directors shall be elected by vote of the Club members at the Annual meeting for a period of one (1) year. Terms are limited to two (2) consecutive years in each office. To be eligible for nomination, prospective officers shall be members in good standing. Elected officers shall maintain their membership throughout their elected term.

Addition to Article III Section 2.
Dues are payable in full at the General meeting at the time the member joins and the anniversary month of each existing membership. Existing members shall have their dues anniversary date shifted to fall on the next occurrence of 1 April or 1 October to have all membership dues on those dates.

Please bring any discussion to the meeting, or if you can't make the meeting, post replie with changes as you feel fit.


David Molter

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