FCC finally catches up with Rugged Radios (1 Viewer)

Dec 28, 2015
Appleton Wisconsin
Rugged Radios has been selling and marketing radios that look and operate exactly like Chinese radios for 3 times the price for years. They have also been selling and marketing commercial radios to the public even though they know it is illegal for people to use them. See the link below to the citation.

Seeing my off-road friends being overcharged for a radio has always bothered me.

This is just my take. I am sure many of you use Rugged Radios an love them. Brand names mean a lot to some people. I just with the markup was more reasonable.

Dec 2, 2004
I had a wheeling acqauintance trying to get the group in on this. I sort of told him why buy that stuff for $$$ for a commercial band radio, etc. Several other people had 2m radios already and were not going to switch.

I was out in a popular desert area last October and the 2m spectrum was busy. Typically 146.460 was slammed....which is the default freq for the Bung Fang radios. I only heard one call sign lol.
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