faulty tempeture and fuel gauge

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Mar 18, 2016
christchurch new zealand
Hey guys,has anybody had this problem?

I have a 1989 bj73 with the mighty 3b engine in it ;),recently the tempeture gauge and fuel gauge have been shooting right to the top momentarily,I am confident that it is not overheating as I have a new rad,new stat which I know works and new hoses. I have a aftermarket temp gauge hooked up in the top rad hose post thermostat and when it happens the tempeture holds steady at 83 degrees,I have read about 60 series cruisers having this problem but just wondering if anybody has had this on there 70 series and knows a fix as even know I know it's not boiling over it still gives me the s***s,
My HJ75 had the same issue. It's a "grounding issue" but in my case it was very difficult to track down. I'm fairly sure the fuel gauge and temp. gauge share the same power source thus the same ground.

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