Fallen n love again (Thank you MUD)

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Aug 17, 2013
Hey Folks, as you all know I joined this forum not too long ago while looking for some info on AHC

Though I love the truck ( '99 LX 470 with 174,000 miles) that I have owned for 11 years/140,000 miles but for the past several months I was getting frustrated by the rear clunk/thud and the progressively worsening stiffer/harsher ride.

So, several times I thought about upgrading the truck but since kids are older now and since we don't drive it that much, I hated spending money on buying another SUV.

Last year I remember calling Lexus dealers inquiring about the AHC flush and got mixed answers. Most dealers said no you don't need to change the fluid and some said yeah you can but you don't have to :bang:

Anyways, while doing my research mostly on Lexus forums, I figured out, clunk could be helped by greasing the DS so went ahead and made an appointment with Lexus. The foreman drove the truck and said it was normal as they all do that with mileage.

Came back and decided to have the local Toyota master tech have a go at it. Once lubed, the drive was definitely better but it was still thunking and I wasn't happy either.

I was told by the T dealer, to completely fixed the problem, I need to get a new drive shaft ($475) and the rear third member assembly ($1700) + the labor to install both :mad:

This was the time when I accidentally came across a wonderful site called (IH8MUD) where right away with in few hours, I got answers to all my questions :D

Rear Thunk;

So after reading several related articles, I finally took my drive shaft apart and followed the MUD instructions using a Molly fortified grease until it purged ;)

Words can't describe the feelings how this truck drives now. The thing is smooth, I mean smooth. I absolutely have no clunk/thud from any gears, heck even wife noticed a big difference tool.

AHC Flush;

Once again, after spending countless number of hours trying to educate myself on the issue, I finally started the project last weekend. I was only able to bleed it once as it took longer than expected. Still to my surprise, the drive was at least 50% better.

Today, I got back to it and spent another 3 hours bleeding the AHC until I had the same color fluid coming out that was going in.
The drive after the fluid change is amazing. It's been 5 hours since I flushed the system and I still have one of the biggest grin I have ever had on my face :D

Thank you MUD for giving me my Lexus back and for saving me big $$$$ :clap:

AHC Reservior.jpg

AHC actuator.jpg

AHC 1.jpg

AHC fluid R2.jpg

Drive shaft splines.jpg
That's awesome to hear! How much fluid did it take to get the AHC to that point? Sounds like quite a bit of flushing!
-You searched
-You learned
-You got greasy
-You love your truck even more
-You saved $$.

Yep, you're doing this right! Nice Job!
The driveshaft clunk/thunk thread was a godsend for me. Since I removed the shaft, cleaned the slip yoke thoroughly and greased it, the clunk has gone away. Now I grease all 4 U-joints and 2 slip yokes every time I change the oil. No clunk or thunk anymore. I do have some really nice stripes of grease where the freshly greased parts sling the excess but I'll live with it. I just think of it as corrosion preventative compound.

I don't have any experience with the AHC since I have the LC and not the LX but it was good to see your before and after fluid photos.
Thanks fellas for the word of encouragement. I tell you, had it not been for you guys, I would have either sold the truck or would have spent $1800 for drive shaft/3rd member and god knows how much on the AHC system.

Since I changed my fluids, I kid you not, truck drives as if it's brand spanking new.

The shifts are so smooth that it reminds of the Lexus ad where they would place a glass of water on the dash and start/change gears and water won's even move

Anyways, it took me almost 3 cans of fluid to flush the entire thing.

I think I would have to do one more time when the fluid in the struts would mix with the current one.

Going in this weekend to a mechanic for timing belts/pulleys/power steering/brake fluid and what ever else needs attention while he is in there.

I have owned the truck for almost 11 years and never once it has caused any problem.

For got to mention, it's been several days since I lubed the drive shaft and changed the AHC fluid and I still have the same Grin that I just can't get rid off :bounce:

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