SOLD Fallbrook CA 1988 Toyota landcruiser 2nd owner

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
I have owned this truck as the second owner since 1991. It is Southern California vehicle. 1st own lived in Palm Desert CA. I have a file of all the records for the truck. I have 320,000 miles on the truck. At around the 280,000 mile range I rebuilt the transmission and transfer case. At around 310,000 it needed an upper engine rebuild. The company made a mistake and over boar the cylinders thus resulting in an engine replacement. I eneded up getting a used engine with around 100k miles on it. I changed out the front and rear gears from 4.11 to 4.56. The rear has an auburn locker. The ac went out so I had a new compressor and dryer put in and now we are using the r134a. It blows icecold. It has new tires all the way around. New brakes with calipers and cylinders, break hose lines all replaced and new pads front and shoes rear. It does have an aftermarket sound system with 2 amps disc changer, vhs,DVD,TV and 2 15 inch subwoofer. I put in a new driver's seat as you can see in the pictures. I also had the passenger seat reformed. What the truck need a new front windshield, the current one has a crack $300 or less, there is a little rust spot at the top back roof rail on the passenger side. It needs 1 exhaust bushing that attaches the exhaust to the frame it is a $10 part.
The only reason for sale is I don't drive it much and it really needs someone to enjoy it.

I also had it lifted 3 inches when I bought it. It was custom done since back then they had no lifts for these trucks.
I did install a set of airbags on the back axle so I could use my versa hauler and put 2 dirt bikes on the back.
I am asking $30k obo. I do want to sell and I know what I have.
I have alot more photos and a video of the truck running let me know if you want to see it.






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