Fall Crawl @ SMORR

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Sep 28, 2009
Springfield, mo
Who is going to the Fall Crawl in September? I am excited to go this year (year # 5 for me) as I now live in Springfield and not St. Louis. My brother is coming in from Kirskville with his 2002 Tacoma again too.
Who all is planning on going?
Who is camping? (primitve or deluxe)
How many days of trails?
I see quite a few Toyota trucks and FJ's running around in town. I have been temped to make up a flyer for the event and hand them out (put them under windshield wiper) when I see a rig piloted by a seemingly outdoor enthusist. I figure the more the merrier in the sport and we may turn a mall crusiser into a trail runner? Thoughts?

Have site #23 reserved for Thursday-Sunday
bowyer2002 & I have registered....ready to go.
I'm in. LX is about ready to go.

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