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Aug 12, 2017
Nunn Colorado
Toyota F motor from a 69' FJ40 Landcruiser. Overall in good shape, tachometer on truck was just over 60,000 miles. Currently this motor is NOT free turning, however, I pulled the head and oil pan to make sure that nothing was cracked or broken (Everything looked fine). Previous owner had number 3 spark plug pulled while this was stored. I believe this cylinder is frozen to the wall from normal air condensation. I have included a pic of this cylinder when I pulled the head. Before putting the head back on I filled the cylinder with diesel to stop any rust and to let it work its way down through the cylinder and break up any rust causing them to stick together.
This motor currently has a aftermarket Webber performance carb mounted on it. It also has a performance header as well. Both included with motor. Additionally, this is currently mounted to the stock 3 speed transmission and transfer case. I will consider separating transmission/ transfer if need be. Asking $475
I can help arrange shipping






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