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Sep 8, 2004
Bonita, Tx
Bought an FJ-60 coil & dizzy (semi transitorized I believe don't know what year) to upgrade the 72 F on my FJ-55. Can't get it wired up right. The starter engages when the key is in the ON position prior to START. I have a BY that is hot in the ON position, a BW, and a B. Previous set up was conventional type. The BY & BW where hooked to the + on the old coil and the B was on the neg.
Then the hot wire from the neg attached to the old dizzy. I know it's simple, but I afraid I'm going to fry my coil & ignitor. It's getting dark and I'm running low on beer. Need some relief from the peanut gallery.
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75' FJ-40 "Clyde 2"
2F With Shiner Boch Injection
73' FJ-55 "Raggy"
TLCA 14647
The wiring from the 60 coil/ignitor should be plug and play over to the 60 dizzy unit. The only wire you need to hook up from your previous set up is the BW into the tan (or lt brown) colored wire in the green plastic plug connector of the 60 coil/ignitor set up and you should be good to go.
If this turns out ....just connect the two wires that are circled and you should be good to go.
Tried it, no dice. :wrench:
Hmmm, thats how my 73 wired into a 60 coil/ignitor/distrib worked out for me. Double check to make sure that the black and white wire is getting 12v when the key is in the "on" position. If so, are you sure your coil/ignitor are good ? The yellow black wire used to be wired into the outlet side of the old ballast resistor to give you 12v when the key was turned to the "start" position. Once released to the "on" position current would flow via the ballast resistor via the black and white wire. With the 60 ign set up there is no need for yellow and black wire.
Think I have solved the original question. Am getting good fire through the coil wire but fire to plugs is yellow and weak. Have checked timing and it is good. Fire to plugs is so weak that the engine won't even try to kick off. :bang: Thanks for the input.
New cap, rotor, and wires on the way to eliminate all possibilities for the weak spark. Hope that fixes it. :bounce::bounce2::bounce::bounce2::bounce::bounce2::bang:

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