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Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
For the last month or so MUD has been loading extremely slow on 3 of my devices ,both in Oz and Vietnam.
I have no idea what's causing it. A single page regularly takes 5 mins or longer to load but I can download a 2 hour movie in 15 mins.
Is it something to do with cookies?

Other web sites are loading fine.
Just ran some speed checks on webpagetest.org

sydney, au: 13.264 seconds
los angeles: 7.620 seconds
hong kong: 30.915 seconds

Given the server is in Dallas, the speed differences are not surprising...but I cannot see any reason why any page should load over 30 seconds for overseas.

I've been meaning to explore CDN setups...might be time to revisit that yet again...
Back in oz now and its loading at a good speed. I dont know why Vietnam was so slow for MUD,other US and Australian sites were loading normally. But there were days during the Lunar New Year when everything was crap.
I'm testing load speeds in Costa Rica this week...so far, working just fine ;)

CDN was added in the past week, that "should" speed times for non-US connections (Amazon Cloudfront)

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