exhaust system

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Nov 6, 2007
in my little world
heres some pictures of my system. everything was tap and bolted and a nice job at that:cheers::cheers: sound great nothing better than dual
mufflers 006.jpg
mufflers 003.jpg
mufflers 001.jpg
the people who did it had a choice of 1 into 2 or a true dual and thats what they did. sounds better this way anyway i love it and they did a great job. they are in vancouver wa they are call hazel dell muffler on hwy 99 by totem pole
Forgive me for asking, but how much scratch did that set you back? I'm heading to the local shop in Boise next Wednesday for the same type of set-up. We want true duals as well. I like the vertical mufflers in front of your rear fuel tank. Nice use of available space!

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Jeez! I just realized I'm now a "forum regular"! Somebody buy me a beer!

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As usual! One shy of a six-pack!

i paid 680 dollars + tax of course but i think it was worth it. i guess this counts also. they did not weld to the frame they drilled and ran nuts and bolts also they drilled and tapped some holes looks real clean. welds are beautiful.
As the pics show, ... You gets what you paid for! Beauty!
as the cruiser isn't exactly insulated and is loud by nature in the cab will this get to the point where conversation will be impossible? don't get me wrong i love dual exhaust as i have it on my truck but i am just curious with the fj40 as i have just split off on my 04 f-150 with the quiet cab and it still rumbles inside and mine isn't that loud. oh btw they did a standup job installing it.
i dont think its that bad at all. maybe thats because its behind me and i am old and sencile that all helps. where am i
Dude, I'm not seeing a rear motor/transfer-case mount?? What am I missing. I preach all day long to run the right hand pipe over to the left side in front of the oil pan sumpt as you did---looks great. I also have preached single 2.5" exhaust so that you are paying for single bends/single muffler, etc. You rich guys seem to get all the gnarly stuff!!!
hi dude there is a rear trans mount from aa fits on the adaptor from trans to transfer i did not use the propeller type they are junk imho. plus the only way to go is true duals

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