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    Hey y'all;
    After running the gamut of TLCA and other events last year, Toyota's FJC TT came up with this list if suggestions for everyone on the circuit. I thought you guys on the Flat Nasty team might enjoy reading it...I'm proud to note that I think we did a pretty decent job with all of these our very first year!


    So You Want to Host a ‘Wheeling Event?

    The Trail Teams have spent the last 8 months attending 4x4 events and would like to thank all the event organizers, volunteers and participants that make each event possible. While all events were a success some events were more successful than others. When you attend close to 80 off-road events, you begin to notice common traits among the more successful events. The Trail Teams have attempted to create a few helpful hints to make sure your event is a hit.

    Promoting Your Event
    o If you would like to maximize your attendance promote your event at least two months in advance on various off-road forums, magazines, mailing lists and fliers. This will allow would be participants to plan ahead and clear their schedules.
    Create an agenda
    o Include a clear event agenda when you publish your event. A clear agenda should include when people are expected to arrive for the event, which trails will be run each day, what time driver meetings will be held each day, and what time dinner or raffles will take place.
    Clearly describe the trail choices
    o Trails should not simply be described as hard, intermediate, or easy. Include recommended tire sizes, locker recommendations, vehicle modifications, and expected trail damage for each available trail run. This allows event participants to stay within their range of comfort.
    o Whenever possible create a pre-registration process for attendees to sign up for your event. This will give you a better idea of how many people will be attending so you can ensure you have enough t-shirts, food, restrooms, camping spaces, etc. to accommodate everyone at the event. Pre-registration can be accomplished via the mail, web, or on a forum thread.
    On-site Registration/Check-in
    o Create a centralized check-in area for participants purchase raffle tickets, sign up for trails, ask questions and receive an event agenda
    Drivers Meeting
    o Hold a drivers meeting each morning at a designated time and location to ensure all participants are well informed. Cover the following topics:
    o Convoy Rules – Each driver is responsible for keeping track of the vehicle behind them. If everyone is responsible for the following vehicle, the group will not become separated.
    o CBs – Every driver should know which CB channel the group will be communicating with. Additionally, vehicles without CB’s should be positioned in close proximity to vehicles with CB’s to allow for optimal communication among the group.
    o First aid – Everyone should be aware of which vehicles have first aid kits and who is trained to assist in the case of an emergency.
    o Trail description – Trails should be described in detail so participants have a thorough understanding of the types of obstacles that await them, recommended vehicle modifications, and possibility of trail damage.
    o Environmental concerns – All participants should be reminded to stay on the designated trails, respect the natural habitat and abide by all local regulations.
    Trail Leaders
    o Trail leaders should be very familiar with the trail they are leading and be able to communicate the messages above. Trail leaders should identify which vehicles/drivers in their group may need extra attention. Trail Leaders should appoint a competent Tail Gunner.
    Tail Gunner
    o Tail Gunners should be familiar with the trail as well as their Trail Leader. Tail Gunners should have the necessary equipment to assist in recovery situations as well as communicate with the Trail Leader. In groups of 10 or more a Mid-Gunner is recommended.

    Following these helpful hints will help avoid any unnecessary headaches out on the trails and allow everyone to enjoy the sport and comrade of 4-wheeling. And one last tip, make sure you invite the FJ Cruiser Trail Teams! See you out on the trail.
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