For Sale EURO Spec 1HDFTE engine + 4speed + wiring etc

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Mar 23, 2008
United States
For sale a running engine + 4speed of a 2004 100 series landcruiser.
Is euro spec with VNT turbo and only 160.000 km's. Starts nice and runs smooth. No codes or whatsoever. Engine feels strong and pulls great.
The engine has had it's regular services (have all the books and invoices)
T-belt is already replaced. New alternator, gearbox flushed twice.
It is still in a donor and can take it out and ship it to anywhere. Located in europe.

Is complete with wiring, instrument panel, ecu edu, immobilizer etc,etc.
All the books and maintainance history is available. Made also a video clip of the running engine but cant upload it here.

Started minimizing the car to transplant it in an 80 series but just too busy to finish the swap.
6750 euro




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Man, that could be the perfect transplant into my LX470. Very interested...where in Europe are you? What's your timeframe for completing the removal from your donor rig? I could potentially fly over and help with the removal process (which would also help me document with what goes where).
No problem. There is no timeframe, I just want to make room for other projects in the near future. I want to leave it in the car long as possible because it runs and its selling more difficult if its taken out.
No, it got sold according to @remy. However, in our e-mails back and forth, he did mention he had another complete HDJ100 with a motor in it. I would PM him.
Old thread, but I am after photos / information on how the 4spd Auto ECU is mounted in a LHD J100. Any hints / photos would be appreciated.

I know where it mounts based on diagrams / connector location on the loom - but it doesn’t seem to match with any existing brackets.

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