Esky EC170-36 Camera/Radar Install Help

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Mar 6, 2009
Between pixels
Will be installing this thing soon, but the installation instruction are a bit to be desired. There are read wire leads coming off each end of the long video cable that connects to the head unit camera input/ camera output. I assume that the red wire should be grounded. Is that correct? Looking forward to seeing how the radar functions.

Hi Canman,
I would check to be sure the red wire is connected to ground of the video cable with a multimeter(looks like it might be). This would be better than the way I back up, listening for the crunch.

Larry in El Paso
Red lead is not connected to either the pos or neg of both RCA connectors. There is only continuity between the red leads at each end of the cable.
I just looked it up on Amazon. It looks like the red goes to the back-up light for power, the yellow is the video and black to ground. Good luck.

Larry in El Paso
Thanks. I think I understand now. The red wire is intended to connect the back-up/ reverse light (+12 VDC) at the rear of the vehicle to the reverse input wire on the monitor/ head unit. This way you do not have to run a separate wire from the rear to the front. I intend to have the option to see in reverse other than when I'm actually in reverse primarily to see when I am towing something. After watching a few YouTube vids, I realized to accomplish that some diodes are needed to prevent the reverse lights from coming on when triggering +12VDC with a manual switch.

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