For Sale Epic 1976 FJ40

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United States
I purchased the FJ40 from a gentleman up in Denver, he did the V8/brakes/lift/front seats/roll cage/winch, not sure where, all other mods/work was done by Red Line Land Cruisers last year. Has been stored in a garage the entire time, located in Colorado Springs (a few miles away from Red Line). 128k miles on the body, engine conversion was done about 90k.

The guy I bought it from was born in South Africa, moved to Los Angeles later in life, grew up with FJ’s and decided had to have one like the one he grew up with. Purchased the FJ40, made it exactly how he wanted it, for cruising. Never took it off road, liked to drop his kids at school and cruise the strip in this beauty. I purchased it and wanted to make it a little more functional for camping, added the tailgate, rear jump seats, parking brake, exhaust, twin shifter etc. I’ve babied this 40, only taken on some forest roads for camping. This is a perfect vehicle for Colorado, rear tailgate can hold a full cooler or gas cans, plenty of space in the back for gear or people, the winch has helped many a stranded jeeps. Unfortunately I need to part with this because a pickup would be more practical for me at this time to haul the motorcycle around.

Asking $37,000

For more pictures, see link below:
FOR SALE: 1976 FJ40, V8, 5 Speed, $37,000 - Red Line Land Cruisers

– Chevy 350 V8 conversion

– 5 Speed Manual with TwinStick Transfer Case Shifter

– 37″ Interco SS-M16 Tires

– 4Plus Dual-Arm Tailgate /w Yeti 45 Basket (Can hold a full sized cooler or 3 gas cans)

– Full disk brake conversion

– Corbeau Racing Seats /w 4-Point Harnesses and rear side jump seats

– Large Tuffy Console Lock Box

– HID Headlights /w Hella off-road lights

– Full Roll Cage

– Warn Winch

– Comes with a bikini top and full soft top with corresponding doors. With the full soft top, this stays very warm in the winter.

– Rust Free

– Huge body/suspension lift with sway bars

– Full glasspack exhaust





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Nice rig, you're going to loose a little street cred around here calling it an "FJ", FYI.
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lol and what do people here refer to this as? All the people I've talked with at the shop etc call it an FJ

FJ40, 40, Land Cruiser are all legit, an "FJ" is not a Land Cruiser.
What do people think about the price range? Redline thinks that $37k is a good price, with purchase + upgrades I've put in over $45k... Thoughts?
37k for a truck without an oem top (soft or hard) or oem doors, not a frame off, is that shackle reversal only tack welded to the frame? diamond plate on the corners... don't get me wrong... cool truck and mods but I just don't see it.

how much have you spent not including labor? that is probably a better estimate of what the truck is worth. assuming you didn't over pay on the initial purchase.
It really doesn't matter what you spent to build your rig. The rule is if your building it for yourself, nobody else will value it as much as you do. If you are restoring it, the appeal will be almost universal. Every deviation from stock tends to reduce the resale in my opinion. That is unless you get lucky and find someone that wants the exact rig you did. I think it is easily a 20 to 25,000.00 dollar rig. Im not going to pick it apart but things like a body lift and shackle reversal are a put off to many people. A very nice looking rig though..
Bought the rig for $30k, put about 6k into hardware, rest was labor... I'll entertain any serious offers!

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