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Engine Swap

Discussion in 'Tundra / Sequoia' started by Gorakshep, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Gorakshep


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    Oct 12, 2017
    Gilbert, AZ
    Has anyone installed an engine from a Tundra into a sequoia or vise versa? I trashed my 07 Sequoia engine and have aquired a replacement from an 06 Tundra. A service tech at one of the valley Toyota dealers said i would have to swap over Intake, Exhuast manifolds, Valve covers, Air injection pump, both oil pans etc. I used the Toyotaparts.com website to run some part numbers and found that some of the items were the exact same part number between both vehicles. Then i noticed that there is a "what this fits" tab that shows you what the particular part your looking at will also fit. some crossed over some didnt.
    Not sure what to believe now. The motor I bought was just pulled from a nice looking Tundra with side impact. It is totally complete, runs great and would drop right in, harnesses and all. I hate to change it over and spend money on a bunch of gaskets if its not needed.

    Help Please!