engine rebuild troubleshooting

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Jul 21, 2013
North Denver, Colorado
Hey guys,

So here's the issue im coming across. I have a port that I believe is a venting port right next to the #5 cylinder sparkplug on the head. As I was attempting to reset my timing my buddy noticed a large amount of oil coming out of said port as the engine was idling. So I first guessed i might have connected the breather hoses incorrectly, checked the manual and all connections are ok. Then I replaced the pcv valve guessing it was all gunked up. Still no luck. Then I figured it was a timing issue so I got the engine as close to 7° as I could guessing it was a timing issue. This was a hurried process due to the large amount of oil leaking out if the port. Still nothing. So at this point I am under the impression that there is either a plug or component missing that is causing this issue. I checked the manual more timesget than id like to admit to no avail and I it seems that anyone with leaking issues is dealing with blown gaskets. If anyone could either send me a picture of their port or have had the same issue please help. I am so close to finishing this project and this seems to be the last major hurdle to the build. The engine is a 3f-e in an fj62.
Thanks in advance!

And ill try an upload a picture of the port when I get to my computer to specify the location.
Yes! This ia perfect! Yeah I had no idea what to search for and I figured Toyota would actually have a purpose for a hole they out into they're head other than to just have it simply plugged. Thanks for the help

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