Engine Ground Question

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Jan 21, 2006
I am in the process of installing my newly rebuilt motor and I have a ground cable on the passenger side by the motor mount that I do not remember where to attach.
You will notice in the picture the piece of tape that was put there to assure it makes it back to its original home.
So, I need some expert help on where this should attach.
Did you remove the battery tray? If so, that ground would go between the inner fender panel and the battery brace that bolts to the fender and tray.......or so it does on a FJ60. I don't know if it's different for an FJ62.

Hope that helps, Tom
On mine (FJ-60), the battery terminal on the battery cable mounts with a flag terminal to the body where the batter tray support mounts to the fender, then the wire continues to bolt onto a stud that is physically underneath my A/C compressor. It looks very much like that flange nut holding your motor mount together. So I would guess that's it. I really didn't get a good look at what the stud & nut were holding together because the A/C compressor was in the way.
Just made new ground cables (1/0) for my 62 allong with custom battery cables, so I am familar with where they go.

That cable bolts to the motor mount seen right above the loose end of the cable in the picture. I wasn't able to use that spot due to the type of cable ends I used, so I moved mine to another bolt. That's the main ground cable between the engine and frame, IIRC.

I used a braided stainless ground strap underneath, replacing a 10 guage OEM cable.
The factory location for the ground cable to engine is the motor mount on the passenger side, which is impossible to get to with the AC compressor installed. When I installed Urban Land Cruisers' excellent battery cables, I used the lower left bolt of the AC compressor mounting bracket and left the factory ground cable where it is as a "legacy" part. If you ever want to upgrade your battery cables, now is the time (at least with respect to that particular cable).

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