EMERGENCY!! 5VZ-FE Head Gasket Question

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Mar 30, 2009
well questions...

I'm doing a favor for a good friend who is in dire straights.

he popped the head gasket and cracked the head on the passenger side.

I got him another head and tossed it on and fired it up last night.

idles fine (well didnt completely warm it up but it idles at 1500rpm...if thats normal or not?)

but still smoking out the pipe (kinda normal, assume all the crap has to burn out).

anyway, just in case that isnt the issue, was there supposed to be any thread sealant on any of the head bolts?? the instructions I used just said to put motor oil on the threads of the bolts and torque them down. I just wanna make sure this was correct and none of them went into the water jacket?

gonna pull the plugs tonight and confirm that none of the plugs are still wet.

also, what is the cold idle and warm idle speed supposed to be in park and in drive?? having an issue trying to find this information in case there might be a vacuum leak I have to trace.

I do suspect the rear lower intake gasket may be an issue. The front valley and rear valley had this mesh crap (new gaskets didnt come with this stuff and it crumbed) I just tossed a THICK bead of silicon gasket on both and tossed the manifold on with new mating gaskets. wondering if the back has an airgap or something. will test that as well this weekend.

every time I mess with one of these toyota v6's I have issues lol.
The idle speed will drop as it runs for the first few minutes from cold. I'd have to check but I think a warm idle speed is about 800 or close to that. Drive might be a bit less but within 100 if I recall what mine do.
Don't know about best practices on using thread sealant or not. I wouldn't think it to be required but....

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