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Sep 8, 2005
Colorado Springs CO
This email was sent to the President.

> Hello....We are interested in joining your club.....but we also need
> to get the FJ back on the road.......can you point us to a local shop
> for an engine rebuild?.......
> Thanks much......
> Carl & Dotty Green

I have posted the link so they can see if there is a response in this thread.
I have asked for some more information.

Thanks for your help

David M
I use Rods auto machine shop...475-8183 ask for Rod Nelson
he does all my motors for our race cars, personal..ect...
Does outstanding work, also builds 2f's for classic cruisers
Very good guy!

I use Stan at "rocky mountain machine". He's always done straight deals with me, has reasonable prices, and everything I get back always looks brand new. Quality work, just don't try to talk politics with him if you're a democrat like me, lol. His shop is in C.S. near Platte and Academy.

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