Electrical power switched from IGN ?

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Dec 2, 2009
Farschweiler, Germany

Coming from the 80 series I was used to have the Aux Power Outlet to hook up my auxilliary electrical stuff to. Now I cannot find a similar box on my 100. is that correct, or am I blind and stupid...?

If not, is there an easy point to pull an electrical connection from that is switched on with the key in ON ? I can make the box myself, but was just wondering where to start.

Thanks !

I believe this has been discussed before, try the search, the wiper motor would be an ign source to swich a relay for what you need.
Thanks, I tried the search but it turns up so many posts that I was not able to find a definite answer. I think the electrics are minus switched, so things like the light should also work as a keyed 12V source. I have to go and measure I guess. I thought I would ask here, before I reinvent the wheel...

OK, so that is the way I will go - I will pull the keyed 12V from the wiper motor. Seems to be the easiest way.

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