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Jun 19, 2008
Ridgecrest, CA
Well, after pulling my hair out for a couple of months, my turn signal/brakelight issue is now solved. I replaced the brake switch, turn signal flasher, bulbs, traced every wire in the system with no luck. I then replaced the turn signal assembly on the column and BINGO! Just to see what was wrong with the old one, I took it apart and saw the problem; the contacts had disintegrated. :steer:
I got the turn signal assembly from SOR. The flasher I got from fjparts.com. If I were you, I would try and replace the turn signal assembly. I guess the good news is I have a few spare parts for the future as the flasher relay and other things were not the issue.
Make sure the grounds are good first. What problems are you having? I had problems of the light not flashing on one side and a better ground fixed that.
FYI, I got a turn signal assembly for my 55 from toyota.

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