Eldorado Cyn (N. Nevada) Sat 31Jan09 (1 Viewer)

May 3, 2003
S. Lake Tahoe, CA
A couple of jeepers from my club will be meeting me at the old gas station (not the new chevron, but the station on the north side of 50 as you enter Dayton from the west)between 09:00-09:30. While waiting there we will air down as you are on dirt within a mile.

We will hit pavement on Johnson Lane x 395 between Minden and Carson City.

Do a search on Eldorado Canyon for the trail rating. It's not hard for a modded rig but a stock 80 for instance can make it (with good driving) but will get pinstriped from brush and drag the ass end a bit.

All are welcome to join us.


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